Book Review: Focus


I recently read through the free release of Focus by Leo Babauta. Its short, about 125 pages, and reads very quickly. I enjoyed the read and definitely got some ideas from it about both why and how to focus better.

The book’s main point seems to be that in this busy age of distraction focusing on a single subject at once can be very difficult. Despite this, focus is very important to productivity, and to enjoyment of your life. By consciously acknowledging the importance of focusing we can make steps towards improving our own attention to the topic at hand.

Most of the contents of this book didn’t strike me as new information, but seeing it all presented in one place helped me to realize how well everything plays together. Avoiding distractions and interruptions has always been important to me, but for some reason I previously only associated these ideas with work. After reading Focus I realize that these same problems can hurt enjoyment of other aspects of your life. I also found his view on goal setting in the chapter “Letting go of goals” to be an interesting alternative to ideas I’ve heard in the past.

I only read the free version of this book because I was just curious and the vast amount of stuff included with the premium one looks overwhelming; but assuming the premium one is of comparable quality to the free one I think it would be worth the money. I am definitely going to be evaluating whether or not it is something that I want to buy.


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