Book Review: Land Of Lisp


Land of Lisp is a book written that teaches programming in Common Lisp through writing a series of games. It attempts to inspire the reader through fun example programs and is an overwhelming success.

This is one of the few programming books I have read where I found myself really wanting to finish off each sample so that I could play the resulting game. It does a great job of creating games that are fun and original enough to hold your attention.

Not only this, but the book actually goes into quite a bit of depth for each of the topics covered. During the course of building these games the reader writes a web server, a DSL for creating SVG, and an interface for adventure like games. Through these exercises many of the benefits of Common Lisp (and all lisps in general) are explored.

Does this have me wanting to rush out and use lisp for my next project, no. But, I will certainly consider it, and I had a lot of fun reading through this book and learning the language.


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